Episode 0 : Welcome to the iMSPirational Podcast!

“Is this thing on?”

Brian Johnson of Mobius Works
Brian Johnson

Welcome to Episode 0 of the iMSPirational Podcast! Thanks for joining us! In our inaugural episode, Martina interviews Brian Johnson, CEO of Gozynta (formerly Mobius Works), as an introduction and a test to see if we know how this whole podcasting thing works. Brain introduces himself, the iMSPirational Podcast and Mobius Works.

In 2008, Brian Johnson joined Mobius Works, with previous software development, and manufacturing IT experience.  At the time, Mobius Works did some occasional dev

elopment projects.  Brian led the development division, and helped it grow.  After several years, the development division generated more annual revenue than the still growing IT support division.  At the end of 2015, Mobius Works sold our IT support business to Waltham, MA based Integrated IT Solutions, so that we could focus wholly on providing our development customers the best service possible.

Throughout the episode, Brian touches on Mobius Works’ history, mission and focus and it’s products and integrations. We also learn about why he decided to create this podcast, and the importance of staying in the know with MSPs!

We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments on this episode in our comments sections below, as well as any future suggestions for topics you’d like to hear about, or guests you’d like to hear from! Please stay tuned for future episodes!

  • History of Mobius Works (5:46)
  • Mobius Works’ Mission and focus (7:11)
  • ConnectWise integrations with Quickbooks and more (7:28)
  • Staying in the know with MSPs (11:08)
  • Guest selection, and why this podcast exists (16:23)
  • Brian’s secret love for Neil Degrasse Tyson! (18:26)
  • “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson (19:47)

Intro music is the track “All In” by Michael Ruscio; supplied by FRESH Music Library. Check out their great music selection at freshmusic.com.

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