Episode 4: Closing Customers Using Value-Based Fees and ROI Analysis

Erick Simpson of SPC International
Erick Simpson

In Episode 4 of the iMSPirational Podcast, Brian and Martina chat with Erick Simpson, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President and CIO of SPC International Online about closing customers using value-based fees and ROI Analysis, and turning them into strategic partners. Erick  is a strategic IT business executive and organization development consultant experienced in improving top and bottom-line business performance by increasing operational efficiencies, boosting marketing and lead generation outcomes, accelerating sales velocity, shortening sales cycles and maximizing service delivery efficiencies and M&A outcomes. Click HERE to learn more!

  • Pricing on Value/Flat Fee (3:30)
  • Vendor Management (4:08)
  • Teaching Other Business Owners: Strategic Business Owners (7:25)
  • Teaching Other Business Owners: Tech-Dependent Business Owners (8:10)
  • MSP University (9:50)
  • SPC International rebrand (11:25)
  • “Secrets of Question Based Selling” by Thomas Freese
  • Instilling Trust and Encouraging Strategic Compliance with Business Owners (21:13)
  • Importance of Surveying the User Community of a Business (27:08)
  • Client Pyramid – Do We Have the Right Kind of Clients? (30:00)
  • Strategically Identifying Inefficiencies (31:00)
  • Accounting and Adjusting for Scalability (35:25)
  • Overall Advice for MSP’s (40:00)

We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments on this episode in our comments section below, as well as any future suggestions for topics you’d like to hear about, or guests you’d like to hear from!

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